Thursday, November 01, 2007

VETERANS: Bring Them Home to the Democratic Party!

4-Star Democratic Club, Citizens for Veterans' Rights and LAX Area Democratic Club

Democratic Forum

Veterans and the Democratic Party
The military vote in the 2008 election

Date: November 10, 2007 Time: 1:30 - 4:00pm

Where: Pete Valdez, Sr. AmVets Post II
10858 Culver Blvd.
Culver City, CA 90230
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In honor of Veterans Day, the 4-Star Democratic Club, Citizens for Veterans' Rights and the LAX Area Democratic Club, present this forum on the issues active duty military, Reserve, Guard and military veterans face today. We will hear what it takes to win their vote from a high-profile panel of veterans and elected officials.

How do you turn key red states BLUE?
Bring 24 million votes of military service members and veterans across the country home to the Democratic Party.
With heavy military/veteran populations in many key (now) red states, winning this voter block can literally turn this next election around. For every veteran/military vote we win - we bring in at least three more (families and friends) votes.

How do Republicans manage to use the military as an election backdrop year after year? All the while, neglecting the people in uniform for expensive toys, and still claiming to be the military's best friend.

Democrats have long supported ensuring soldiers on the ground receive the equipment that gives them the right tools to get the job done.
Democrats appreciate the people who have given their lives to this country, and will ensure that these people are not abandoned when their active military life ends.

Democrats support educational benefits for this generation of veterans commensurate with those given 60 years ago to an earlier generation, as a debt of gratitude to veterans, and as investment in our nation's future.

The Democratic Party is the natural home for all veterans and lovers of a strong military and national defense.

Join us to become conversant with veterans and heavily pro-military voters on key issues that will help them to understand exactly how the Democratic Party is their natural home.

LEARN about the current status of VA care and facilities nationwide, and how the Republican degradation of these services, and privatization of facilities are betraying promises of our nation.

Veterans and other strong supporters of the military understand how much the military is being stressed by current deployments. We must EXPLAIN ways to change the stresses and to ensure a prepared, well-trained and rested military ready to defend the country.