Monday, August 21, 2006

The Pain That Follows Troops Home from Iraq War

A note from Four Star member Jessica Landry...

Sometimes, it is difficult for me to express how much saving the VA land means to veterans. This article from the Washington Post, explains, the need for the facility is greater than you can imagine.

The WLA VA currently treats 2,200 vets who served Iraq (OIF) and/or Afghanistan(OEF). There are over 11,000 of there fellow OIF/OEF veterans here this area. I can pretty much guaranty that the majority of the 11,000 are in need of VA services. More are coming home every day.

Beyond the growing need of OIF/OEF veterans all the vets from all other eras still need this facility working at full strength and capacity.

Any arguments or disagreements over what group or what person represents the local communities are petty in comparison to the need. Any non-veteran who thinks they "know" who should use the VA facility and/or how the facility should be used is ignorant of what veterans face everyday and what their real needs are; that includes many who currently run the VA.

Please forward this article on to anyone you know who has questions or concerns about the WLA VA land. Hopefully, it will clear up any misconceptions.

Hope to work with you all soon,
Jessica Landry

Click this link to see the article...

The Pain That Follows Troops Home from Iraq War